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Meet Victoria 

Yoga and Intimacy Coach

Hi, I'm Victoria LeDay.


I'm a life-long mover, yoga, and intimacy coach. I work with people that are ready to discover more of themselves and to bring more passion, pleasure, and connection into their lives.  

I have been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years and became certified to teach in 2008.


I'm inspired by the teachings of Krishnamacharya and his son, T.K.V.  Desikachar. I have studied with Leslie Kamoinoff,  who first introduced me to the individualized, breath-centric aspects of this lineage and also reignited my love for science, breath anatomy, and movement.


That led me further to hands-on studies and experience in a human cadaver lab with Leslie Kaminoff and Lauri Nemetz as well as a month-long internship with Gil Hedley,  who is one of the most well-known top dissectors and educators in the US for bodyworkers.  

In addition to yoga and anatomy,  I also have a deep love and passion for the work of intimacy coaching. Why? Because oftentimes we teach what we need to learn most.


In my own experience,  I had come to this work as a result of unresolved trauma that I wasn't even aware I was carrying around. Painful past experiences had robbed me of the present moment and detached me from wanting to be anywhere but my body. 


  What I have found from my long search for freedom, joy, and connection was that becoming intimate and comfortable with what was going on in my own body was foundational to my own healing and maturation process.  

I have embarked on a year-long mentorship with Master yoga teacher, Mark Whitwell and use his book "Yoga of Heart"  as a foundational read for all yoga aspirants.  

In addition, I'm also training to be a Wheel of Consent facilitator brought on by pioneering sexological bodyworker and intimacy educator, Dr. Betty Martin.


This work has been foundational to my life and being in relationships with others as well as the yoga and intimacy coaching work that I share in my private coaching sessions. 

I have taken two trainings on the Wheel of Consent with River Roaring in Austin TX,  and I'm involved in her 3- month mentorship program for sharing the Wheel of Consent in my professional life as well as living these practices and bringing them into all of my personal relationships.  



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